Welcome to the Movie Klub blog! We’re a group of friends in New York City who gather once a week to watch a movie. Summer blockbusters, indies, foreign films – anything is in play. This blog is where we share what we saw and what we thought about it. Enjoy!

The Rules:

The first rule of Movie Klub is, each week somebody shows a movie.
The second rule of Movie Klub is, if you want to write what you thought about the movie use this blog.
Yes, that’s all of the rules. This is film, not baseball.

The Reviewers:

Mark Young was a film critic for a student paper at the University of Chicago. The highlight of that job was running bodily into Roger Ebert right before his first screening. He wrote film reviews for the soon-to-be-defunct website Murmur.com for a while, and he’s currently a reviewer for the website Sound on Sight. He recently published his first novel, The Question Blade, as an e-book for the iBookstore and the Kindle Store.



Skyline image courtesy of Ian Britton, via FreeFoto.com.


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